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Fortress Draconis (The DragonCrown War Cycle, Book 1)
Michael A. Stackpole
Dark Tide
Elizabeth Haynes


BOOKLET OR TOME? Yes! Depends on the book! But with a lot of fantasy it does tend toward the tome end of the scale.


PRE-OWNED OR NEW? Pre-owned! Reduce, re-use, re-read, recycle!


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY? Fantasy! History could always use improving!


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK?  Paperback! They're lighter and hurt less when you fall asleep reading and drop them on your face!


FUNNY OR SAD?  Funny! I am allergic to sad!


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER? Yes! Too cold to go outside? READ. Too hot to go outside? READ.


CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM?  Mainstream! Classics are usually dead white male canon!




CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER?  Both! Especially those that are kind of both themselves! (Lin Anderson, Niamh O'Connor, Mo Hayder, Michael Connelly)


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION?  Print! Especially now Readmill's going under!


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT?  Collecting! It's a problem!


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE? Internet! It's always open and I don't have to put on pants!


BACKLIST OR NEW PUBLICATION? Mostly backlist! I'm broke with access to multiple libraries!


BEST OR BAD SELLER? Neither! Books recced by friends!


COOKBOOK OR BAKING BOOK? Neither! But I do like non-fiction restaurant memoirs and culinary mysteries. Some of the food is described so well I don't even need recipes.